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We need to get this site off the ground and get as many people as possible to subscribe to our email updates and sign the petition. We are aware that many of you reading this site may not be aware of just what happened at the Parish of St Josephs Benalla back some 22 years ago. And unless you read the book “Death of a Catholic Parish” then you will not truly appreciate the gravity of the situation. So we will attempt to take you through this sad story and hopefully gather the support we need to have this once blue ribbon Parish of the Sandhurst Diocese restored to what it once was.

Please stay tuned as we bring you before and after photos and detail some of the first hand accounts of when the original alter was jack hammered and destroyed. Yes you read correctly. A jackhammer was taken to the sanctuary for no good reason but to modernize the church to appeal to the progressives of some 20 years ago.

What was changed?

It’s not all about the building