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Yet despite this spiritual holocaust, some Catholic parents, in their naivety, still think that the Catholic classroom is where official truth is dispensed; where the Church distills whatever it considers important and puts it on display. In Benalla however many parents were beginning to make the connection between Fathers anti-intellectual religion of “life- experience” and the arrival of anti-Catholic ma­terial in our schools. This occurrence is a natural extension of the non-judgemental philosophy underpinning experiential cat­echesis. Even teachers who would neither condone nor promote such ideas find themselves surrounded by secular humanist pro­paganda, often indistinguishable from the ubiquitous jargon of today’s, pseudo-Catholic school. The insanity and irrationality knows no bounds. A parishioner related one case in point:

There are some great teachers at the local Catholic schools but some of the things that are tolerated are unbelievable. The last straw was the Year 9 physical education text-book which carried a detailed description of every type of contra­ception and belittled Natural Family Planning!

Were they overreacting?

The text referred to, Australian Physical Education: Book 2,4 is used at F.C.J. college which is under the chaplaincy of Father. It is described as “a motivational text designed to improve the quality of life.” Part A contains eight chapters of “Health Education”. Part B contains a further 26 chapters which describe various sports.

The section referred to by the parishioner is chapter 7, “Sex­uality and You” (pp. 120-139). The inclusion of this segment in a book dealing essentially with sports and nutrition represents social engineering at its most vile. The chapter is saturated with the philosophy of agnostic/ atheistic secular humanism, including all the worst excesses of Lawrence Kohlberg’s values clarification `morality’.

While the text does not quite reach the pornographic level of Dr. Llewellyn-,Tones’ Everywoman which is used as a text in some Catholic secondary schools,-‘ it comes close. In one foul swoop, the erroneous statements and graphic illustrations that fill chapter 7 would devastate the spiritual life of any young Catholic unfortunate enough to read it and adversely affect the psychological or emotional health of others.

It is difficult to imagine anything in the life span of a child in school that would be more intrusive, or memorable, than ‘Figure 7.7’ which displays the fitting of a condom to an erect penis. Or pages 130-131, filled with ‘cutesy’ cartoon depictions of the full range of contraceptive devices and operations from diaphragms through tubal ligations to vasectomy. At the bottom of page 131 is a lone cartoon figure labelled ‘Natural family planning’ which is holding a balloon containing the word “NO!”

The total amorality of chapter 7 is confirmed by outra­geously simplistic and false assertions. Consider the treatment of abortion:

An abortion is a relatively simple medical procedure per­formed in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The tiny foetus is scraped or suctioned out of the uterus because the pregnancy is unwanted or there has been a fatal defect detected. Abortions are legal in most states and are purely a matter of choice (p. 134)

It is hard to imagine a less Catholic or more inaccurate and cruel depiction of baby-killing.